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Teach your Teen How to Drive and Survive

Our teens are our most precious resource, so it’s up to us, parents, to preserve them by teaching not just how to drive, but how to survive.

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A Teen Offers Tips

By Lawren Turner

Lately we’ve seen a huge rise in the amount of teen car crashes fatal and non-fatal. Many of these crashes are arguably the cause of the cars teens drive.

Of course they are also caused by the teens among us who don’t realize that with the freedom to drive also comes the responsibility for insuring the safety of others and themselves.

Perhaps the most fundamental driving lesson that can be learned very early is: “Watch out for the other guy.” 

There are too many teens who have fast or expensive cars and don’t know how to drive them properly.

So many teens have tried to go fast around corners without knowing how to properly take a corner at high speeds, and so the result is either a dead driver or a very lucky driver.

The reason so many teens are doing all these high-risk activities such as street racing or speeding on curvy roads is because they have a fast car or they have lots of their friends in the car pressuring them, or mainly because they think that they can handle the car and that they can’t be hurt, and they love a risk.

Sometimes though, teens can be driving in fog or rain and forget to slow down, or just don’t. When they encounter slow cars in front of them, they don’t have time to react and crash or swerve and flip.

Teens may also not fully appreciate the privilege of driving or owning a car.

At my high school, I’m amazed whenever I see a teen driving a brand new car or truck to school.

I always wonder why their parents bought them the car because there is almost no way that anybody 16 years old could buy that car themselves.

One reason they should buy their own car is that their parents aren’t going to be around forever to help pay for some of the things they want. Second, they will never fully appreciate the value of the car they are driving because they didn’t have to work to earn the money for it.

I believe that if more teens bought their own cars and knew how much work, time and money it took to get it, they would think twice about speeding or racing their cars and risking damage to themselves or their cars.

A lot of teens are upset with all the regulations in place that prevent them from doing what they want to. Such as on January 1 of 2006.

On that date there will be a new California law in place that says teens will not be able to drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. They also won’t be able to transport anyone under the age of 20 at any time except for emergencies and family events for the first year after they get their license.

A lot of teens are unhappy with these laws, but they are in place because it has been proven that the more teens drive at night, the more likely they are to crash than during the day. And teens who drive with friends are more likely to drive on impulse instead of common sense and thinking things through.

So in my opinion, I think that teens should drive less valuable cars and even take a driving survival school so that they can learn what to do in certain situations and think quickly.

Also parents, when searching for a car for their teen should look at the crash test ratings for the car and not buy a car that is brand new. The chances are that your teen, no matter how good of a driver he or she is, will get into at least one fender bender within the first year of owning a car.

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