The Family Car was established in 1994, when Pulitzer Prize winning editor Keith Turner first started writing about cars. 
Dean Adams Curtis is the co-founder of The Family Car and all our related sites, Dean is also the video producer and webmaster for the sites.  He has had a successful career in Hollywood and was co-producer, co-writer and director of our television show pilot “The Family Car” created in 2007, as well as of “Tomorrow’s Stars,” a television series that ran for several years on The Tennis Channel

Our websites average up to unique 40,000 visitors per month, in large part due to articles by The Family Car automotive journalists which are published elsewhere, such as in Parenting Publications of America magazines, as well as in DogCars.com, AutoByTel, and several dog-oriented magazines including Fido Friendly and FETCH The Paper.

We’ve got our ears firmly pressed to news from vehicle proving grounds and government testing sites, our minds focused on automotive announcements and analysis, and our feet on the ground at industry shows and in vehicles on test drives, to provide you with an up-to-date sense of, and into-the-future look at, what kinds of auto design changes are available for you and your family’s greatest comfort, safety, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility. 

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