7-Seat 2018 VW V6 ATLAS SUV Revealed

October 31, 2016 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

On the pier in Santa Monica, California, the end of historic U.S. Route 66, the route between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, the route between the Great Lake Michigan and the vast Pacific Ocean, executives from Volkswagen North America recently revealed their 2018 ATLAS SUV.

The 2018 VW ATLAS is assembled in Tennessee.

Not a bug, not a bus, not an EV, it is a sport utility vehicle that looks like many others currently on the market. And obviously, that was VW North America’s design aesthetic for the ATLAS. They want to accrue a share of the U.S. SUV sales. Therefore, you would be forgiven for confusing it with a Toyota Highlander, or for an SUV from another automaker.

For a groundbreaking and apparently retro-VW-inspired design, we will all need to wait for the VW BUDD-e, the company’s electric vehicle concept, the availability of which Volkswagen is not specific about, committing only that it will be on offer to EV buyers sometime before 2020.

VW’s BUDD-e Concept Car, due by 20:20


As I, The Family Car’s wayward co-editor Wayback, go way back to when a VW bus was revered as a great way to go across any country on Earth, it felt like it was a missed opportunity for Volkswagen not to reference the wayback look their iconic bus.

But, I confess that I may have VW bus envy. I crossed the U.S. by VW bug several times, but never by VW bus. Though I could sleep in the bug, rare was the night that I did so without thinking how nice it would have been to sleep totally flat, if I had only bought a VW bus instead of a bug. Yet did I ever abandon the VW bug? No, never for a VW bus.

But I digress. All alternative design musings set aside, to be fair to the 2018 VW ATLAS, if you fold down all the five back seats, you can lay flat. And the V6 engine burns as clean as VW can make it burn, fresh as it is on what it hopes is its road to recovery of consumer trust after the company’s diesel emission test rigging scandal.


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