Audi, Honda, and Toyota have hydrogen fuel cell vehicle concept vehicles now, with production starting in 2015

November 23, 2014 at 2:40 am Leave a comment

A7h140005__midHydrogen vehicles have been predicted as the next big sustainable mobility innovation for almost 20 years.

Now it looks like auto makers are intent on making hydrogen vehicles an option for us all. But when?

The Audi A7 h-tron concept vehicle which debuted at the 2014 LA Auto Show, put down Audi’s marker on this technology, which will finally begin emerging in earnest from research centers in 2015. In the A7 h-tron, Audi has combined two great propulsion options in one vehicle, creating a plug-in electric combined with a hydrogen fuel cell power supply.

Below Audi’s Board Member for Technical Development details what the A7 h-tron has going for it inside.

Above you can take a look at Toyota’s hydrogen vehicle.

The Audi A7 hydrogen plug-in EV concept was announced a day after Toyota announced major upcoming investments in hydrogen vehicles, including a California hydrogen vehicle infrastructure commitment.

Toyota chose not to highlight their hydrogen vehicle plans at the LA show, but they did at give everyone a look at their intentions at the 2014 Computer Electronics Show, shown in the video above.

Honda FCEV Clarity for 2015

honda-fcev-concept-2013-los-angeles-auto-show_100447353_lWe’ve been covering the evolving hydrogen vehicle story, for example at the 2013 LA auto show. In the video to the right of this paragraph we spoke with Honda representative Jessica Fini about the Honda hydrogen concept vehicle, their FCEV, which they announced would be available in 2015.

So, it seems we have just a year more to wait, as more hydrogen vehicle fueling stations are built in California, Oregon, and Washington states, creating a “hydrogen highway” that will be ready by the time the 2015 LA Auto Show opens and Audi, Honda, and Toyota, plus presumably other manufacturers, will have production vehicles available for purchase by residents of the western U.S. states.


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