Crosstrek of a Different Color

Subaru has added a new color Crosstrek.

You can get it painted on the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport, a small sport utility vehicle with a lot of power and toughness.

Even though the engine is just four cylinders, Subaru’s “BOXER” system produces an impressive 182 horsepower and provides a real boost for passing and uphill driving.

We took the 2020 Crosstrek up to Nevada City, CA to test it out on some rough roads and found it to be a very stable and capable vehicle.

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2020 Ford Ranger Supercrew Lariat gets hard bed cover

With the rugged Lariat package styling, the 2020 #Ford #Ranger SuperCrew 4X4 doubles as a rough and tumble pickup truck as well as family hauler seating up to five people. We enjoyed the hard “tonneau” cover ($995) that keeps items safe and secure in the truck bed.

We also liked the seat belt warning indicator that not only lets you know when someone is not belted in, but informs as to which seat is the missing link. With a base price of $38,675, the Ford Ranger is a small truck with big abilities, including cargo and trailer hauling as well as off-road capability.

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