Magic seats make the difference in 2021 Honda Odyssey

Ride along as we take a road trip in California’s Sierra Mountains in America‚Äôs most popular people mover, the 2021 Honda Odyssey.

Loaded with high-tech entertainment features, the Odyssey is also capable of carrying loads, as we discovered while moving my daughter, and her cat Pan, to a new place in Nevada City.

And then there are also those magic seats…

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Active family tests spacious 2020 Ford Expedition

The 2020 @Ford @Expedition is a large SUV with a family-friendly attitude and seating for seven passengers.

We tested the two-wheel-drive heavy hauler in various terrains, including dusty off-road trails and foothill roads.

We also let a mother in TheFamilyCar family test the #Expedition in a real-world, suburban jungle. She was impressed.

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